Campus Life - Lecture Hall Wing

Step in to the College campus, the Huge Space at the 3rd Floor of full wing of Dental College is specially spared for the Lecture Halls.

An Audio-VisualTechnology needs to be integrated into teaching and learning process and the Our Management has done the best to our Dental to ensure it in these centrally air-conditioned classrooms. Technological has been leveraged and has anchoraged for better student-teacher interaction, productivity and communication. It makes teaching and learning simpler and more enjoyable.

Each Lecture Hallcan accommodate over a hundred and twenty students. The seating arrangement for the students is uncongested. All halls have fully equipped with AV aids and air conditioned. In addition to that on the campus there is one more Auditorium with all the facilities same as the Lecture theatre complex, and can accommodate 400 students, are meant for the conduct of conferences, seminars and conventions in various fields.